Social Networking  

In the past I've had Twitter accounts, Instagram profiles, plus a Facebook. But after gaining followers and spending time connected, I began to feel boxed in as well as consumed. I wanted to be sincere and part of the social media community, but for reasons unknown, didn't quite know how to. So I decided to abandon all social networks and go back to the grassroots. I hoped fans and friends would stay interested without needing reminding of my existence, but I've learned since that it just isn't how the world spins these days. There are too many other things to worry about and shift interest towards! Even for me!

So I made a promise to myself that as long as I didn't allow my life to be dictated by my phone nor become a social media pseudo, then I could start up my presence again in the networking world and utilize it the way it was meant to be utilized.

The robots are winning.


P.S. Except Facebook. They'll never win.