A crew of astronauts explore a distant planetary system where they find mysterious connections to a summer camp they attended as children.




My name is Jessy Ribordy and I'm a musician, composer and writer. I work as a contract composer for Aika Music and freelance for film, series, documentaries, or any other types of projects that enjoy my style.

Every night after our little ones are asleep and my wife and I have finished our nightly show, I open my laptop in the late hours of the night and ebb away at screenplays and stories. During the day I work on composing and songwriting.

I bought my parent's old house in the town I grew up in because I find comfort in small towns and quiet life. The Pacific Northwest is home. It's where my imagination thrives, where forests grow lush and green, and where oceans swallow the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

It's where I love to create.

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